Welcome to my store!

My passion is to draw and paint.  I have drawn for as long as I can remember.  I have always been intrigued by faces, whether people or animals.  As I have become older, the landscape has become a new challenge.  I am excited by color, mood and subject.  I strive to reach out to others through my art and share a little piece of my heart.

Born and raised in Michigan, I never really gave much thought to living anywhere else.  But a few years back, my husband and I was visiting Sedona.  While parked in the desert immersed in the beauty of the red rock, we heard our calling.  We went back to Michigan and sold our house and moved out to Arizona in 2012.

I now paint almost every day, and almost exclusively in oils.  I paint in my studio or on location from life.  I do take on commission work, primarily portraits of people and pets, as well as teach.  Thank you for stopping by to see my store.